welcome to the blog at ebb + flow yoga! i’ll be posting information about my yoga journey, and i hope you’ll join me along the way!

ebb + flow resonates with me as a philosophy for yoga, and for life.  in vinyasa yoga, you’re constantly cycling through periods of intense activity and mindful rest. the rest periods are just a vital to the overall experience as are the moments of motion – they balance you out.  and after all, isn’t life all about balance? there are times when one needs to put all of her energy and enthusiasm into something, and there are times to do nothing but reflect.  it’s all about the ebb and flow, and knowing when to recognize which period you’re in, and which one you need to be in, physically, mentally and emotionally.

i’m grateful to have spent the last long weekend in naples, florida, enjoying the time with my family in the warm(er) air and the gorgeous sunsets.  we even got in some sun salutations and played around in the sand before the sun floated away on the gulf.

i was also lucky to take a class at bija yoga, where my mom takes several classes weekly.  cathy taught a wonderful, gentle class with great attention to the breath. i look forward to visiting their studio again soon!

please let me know if you, the ebb + flow community, have any ideas for posts – i’m happy to include detailed how-to’s, as well as to pass along my favorite yoga tidbits.

with gratitude,


Jane Daly Danese